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The Candy Man Can

7 Jan

I will not whinge about the 38°C heat the way that my fellow Aussies have been.

‘The Candyman can coz he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good’. Such a ‘sweet’ song, makes one feel happy and nostalgic. And who doesn’t love the original ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ movie. Mr Wonka’s factory is one of the top fantasy destinations on my list, who wouldn’t want to go to a place where they have a chocolate river and a boiled lolly boat. Well maybe diabetics and those opposed to slave labour.

Had some marzipan fruits over the weekend as a new year’s treat.  Marzipan! Oh that divisive sweet. It comes in such pretty shapes and has mainly inoffensive ingredients, sugar, egg and almond meal, yet the stuff is so reviled. I hated marzipan as a child as it was sickly sweet stuff on cakes which had the bitterness of almond essence. I hadn’t had marzipan for over 10years til I had this. Bought it on a whim, it half price so not too expensive and I loved the shape and colours of the fruit. Such detail on the banana and the apple was so delicately painted.
Marzipan shapes are so decorative, they look like toys instead of a something to rot your teeth with. How can something so pleasing to look at not taste well. Vegemite looks and tastes like sludge but it’s an Australian icon. Cilantro looks innocently like any other green herb yet tastes like soap. Fruitcake has nothing going for it.
Marzipan isn’t common over here and is considered to be a retro food. I want to make my own and reintroduce people to this delicacy. I want to create mini food art, pigs, fruit, mice and so forth. I am inspired.

Well that was a completely pointless blog post but Marcel Proust has written a tome about madeleines and lime tea so this is nothing.