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Space Oddity

16 Nov

I like lists. To do lists, bucket lists, favourite book lists, about me lists, skills lists on resumes, etc. And it’s a bit of a cheat’s way to blog.

When I was 13, my highschool friends and I had a conversation about what songs we wanted played at our funeral. Back then, we wanted ‘Goodbye My Friend’ by the Spice Girls and ‘When I Die’ by No Mercy.  I mentioned a few songs that I wanted at mine to my ex but he has European superstitions that it’s bad luck to mention death and illness. I suppose it is a bit morbid but this entry will be fun as it’s all hypothetical. Anything goes on my blog. ‘Space Oddity’ isn’t on my list but I am an oddity (I sing it to my neighbour’s cat coz of the Major Tom but I digress).

The top 10 songs that I want at my hypothetical funeral. It’s going to be a long-arse funeral.

1. Wuthering Heights-Kate Bush. I freakin’ love Kate Bush and this is my favourite song of hers. How awesome would it be played at my gravesite. ‘I’m so cold, let me in at your windowww’.

2. Music Box Dancer-Frank Mills. I mentioned in a previous entry that it was on the soundtrack to my life. One of my fave songs. Hmm, not sure if I want to sully it by putting it at my funeral but ah well.

3. Sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond. My mother was a big Neil Diamond fan and it’s my favourite song of his.

4. So Far Away-Dire Straits. I suppose it’s about a break-up but it sounds like a great funeral song. Being dead, I would be quite far away.

5. Running Up That Hill-Placebo. I chose the Placebo version over my idol’s as it’s just a bit darker. Imagine seeing my coffin and hearing ‘if I only could make a deal with God and get him to swap our places’. Good choice, no?

6. Octopus’ Garden-The Beatles. Coz it would be freakin’ funny. And ‘The Beatles’ are on the soundtrack of my life.

7. The Drugs Don’t Work-The Verve. Appropriately gloomy. And maybe my mourners might be all medicated.

8. Canon D-Pachelbel. I cringe when people say that this or Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is their favourite classical song. I refuse to have it at my wedding. I want it at my funeral as I want people to think of me at weddings. I’m bitchy like that.

9. Funeral March-Chopin. It’s so dark, a bit of a cliche and going to make my funeral ridiculously dramatic. And of course we need some classical music.

10. Emotion-The Bee Gees. I love The Bee Gees and have got to have a song from them.