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Nights on Broadway

9 Mar

It’s been over a month I last blogged. Sorry guys, have been busy and my new laptop needs to be repaired. Oh and lazy.

I have had a birthday since and went to the Barry Gibb concert. I have overcome some personal troubles.

To summarise February:

asking my friend to the Barry Gibb concert: Him: ‘I don’t think it will be that fun as there will be only one BeeGee’. Me: ‘Err, you do realise the rest of them are dead’?

talking about a pet my friend should get: Me: Let’s get you a frog! We’ll give it a French name!’ Him: ‘Agreed’. Me: ‘Another friend called his frog ‘Polanski’. Him: ‘Was Polanski part French? Like a Polish French?’ Me: ‘Because he was a tadpole’.

explaining what ‘See You Next Tuesday means to my ex: Him: ‘Did you just call me a c***’?

talking about the possibility us getting back together: Me: ‘You can’t expect me to pine for you’. Him: ‘What does pine mean? Like a tree? I don’t get it’.

I have been trying to get through Jeffrey Eugenides’ ‘The Marriage Plot’. I loved ‘The Virgin Suicides’ and ‘Middlesex’ blew my mind but this book is so disappointing. I bring it with me on the tram hoping that I’ll be forced to finish it but no can do. I’m still on the third chapter. I’ve had the book for about six months and it usually takes me two days to read a book. I haven’t been this disappointed with an author ever since I read ‘Sliver’. Loved Ira Levin’s other books but ‘Sliver’ was just trash.

I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t get around to see a play about Florence Foster Jenkins. Oh that woman was utterly mad and I love her for it. I downloaded her album a couple of years ago and her version of ‘Queen of the Night’ is brilliantly awful.

My friend got engaged. Everyone seems to be getting engaged except for me.