Le Moribond

27 Jan

Poor, poor little bloggy blog that’s so unloved.
I listen to a fair bit of French music and have been trying the learn the language through some Google apps. I have been learning since Christmas and can recognise about 100 extra words which isn’t a bad accomplishment. My pronunciation is absolutely terrible but my reading is getting better. It’s a hobby and I’ve finally gotten around to it, having wanted to learn it since I was in grade school (which was more than 15 years ago).

Remember that dreadful, dreadful Terry Jacks song ‘Seasons in the Sun’? Well, it was a cover of a French song called ‘Le Moribond.

Terry Jack’s version is this cloyingly sweet song that sounds so ‘white’. I mean that in the sense that the Westeners took a fine European song and bastardasised it by making it a soulless tune. It’s a bit like how the local Chinese shop serves honey chicken that appeals to wussy Westernise palates and bears little resemblance to any ‘authentic’ Chinese food.
The 70s was a bit of a hit and miss musically with its mushy songs mixed with some very innovative stuff. The pop was the worst. Debbie Boon’s ‘You Light Up My Life’ topped charts. The Captain and Tennille sang about ‘Muskrat Love’ (a love song with rats. Rats!) Paul Anka sang ‘You’re Having My Baby’ (even the title is awful). Seasons in the Sun’ fits right in with rest of the sickly sentimental songs.
Jaques Bruel’s original version by contrast is brilliant, an upbeat jazzy song that gives the middle finger to his faithless wife and friend. You mayn’t understand the French lyrics but you just know that it’s damn good; bitingly sarcastic and ironic.
Even more horrifyingly, ‘Westlife’ covered Jack’s version. It is even more soulless if possible. It’s the musical version of a Thomas Kincade painting (you’ll notice that I really dislike Kincade’s work and will throw in references to him).
Have just googled the Huffington Post’s critique of the same songs. Oh great, now I’ve got the chorus of ‘Seasons in the Sun’ in my head.


One Response to “Le Moribond”

  1. Ned's Blog February 25, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

    What about “Undercover Angel?” Are you going to tell me you didn’t think THAT was music gold?! (…he said with no small amount of sarcasm) 😉

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