A House is Not a Home

13 Jan

I moved apartments recently which is why I haven’t been blogging as much. Things are still in boxes and there is stuff everywhere. Going to donate a lot to opshops or sell some on fleabay.

The old apartment was quite good with a security gate and a sort of garden in the middle. With palm trees. I remember getting home late at times and being a bit scared of the palm trees, they were something like out of ‘Days of the Triffids’.

Whilst packing, it seemed that my clothes mated with each other and had clothing babies. Yet I still have nothing decent to wear. My books were also possessed and multiplied. Yes, a girl can have too many books and clothes. If only I could start my wardrobe from scratch, it would have about ten outfits in there.

I made a vow not to go to anymore opshops and buy rubbish from ebay anymore. I have so many useless dust collectors and am flummoxed as to why I thought an old, broken china horse was worth buying.

I need a huge house to store the twelve prints that I have. I have hung maybe three up. I really have got to stop buying things for my future ‘dream house’ when I buy and just deal with a minimalist apartment living.

The types of people found in apartment blocks:

1. There is always that dodgy older guy who gives you leery looks. Generally quiet and keeps to himself but you always think that he has a criminal past.

2. There is always an Indian neighbour. They often have friends and family pop by and you can smell the curries.

3. There is quite often an Asian neighbour, generally a student.

4. There is always a stoner. Usually in the form of an older man with rock posters.

5. There is always a pseudo musician of sorts. Oddly enough, there was a harmonica player in the last apartment block. This block has a guitar player. In one apartment I lived in, there was a violinist who was quite good, probably a student.

6. There is quite often a family (generally ethnic) and you wonder how they can all live in such a small space.

7. There is the bubbly young female who introduces herself and says that we must have ‘coffee’. Quite often, hers is the only name that you’ll get to know.

8.  The ‘ghosts’, people you see every few months and are surprised that they still live there. You wouldn’t recognise them from a bar of soap. This is despite there being fewer than twelve apartments in a block.

9. The young couple under 30. Generally students or working professionals, they are friendly but every few months they have a bust up and you can hear her crying and him apologising.

10. The guy who comes home at odd hours. You can sometimes hear him come home at 02.00am in the morning.


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