Happy New Year

30 Dec

It’s 12.38am which means that it’s New Years Eve!

Oldie but goodie, Abba’s ‘Happy New Year’. ’89 has long passed and bring on 2013! I can’t wait, 2012 was not a good year for me.

I’m mildly superstitious and so clean frenetically to make it perfect for New Year’s Day. All debts must be cleared. If your New Year’s Day is a good one, then the rest of the year will be good. On January 1, I will avoid breaking anything, crying or say anything negative. I plan to do a bit of reading and writing and open the windows to let the old year out. I will try and have a male be the first visitor in my apartment. What happens on January 1 sets the tone for the year.

So, doing the time honoured tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Earn and save more money.

2. Get a decent job that will be good for my career.

3. Learn Italian fluently. I learnt Italian in primary school but of course have forgotten most of it. I downloaded the free ‘Babbel’ French, Spanish and Italian apps onto my tablet and am doing well so far. I have learnt 30 new words and those same words in all three languages.

4. Tidy and clean my apartment regularly.

5. Cull my books and clothes. I don’t need half of them.

6. Do more voluntry work. I used to do quite a bit of voluntry work when I studying but it’s been a few years now. I’ve done some ad hoc work and donate blood but want to do it more regularly. I’ve just signed myself up to be a companion for a couple of hours a week to an elderly person.

7. Probably the most popular resolution but lose a couple of kilos. That might mean actually exercising and eating well. I not going with doing either. Urgh! I’m thin with some soft spots and want to be toned.

8. Write more! I used to write a few articles and stories for leisure but have gotten lazy. I have all of these storylines in my head but need to type and finish them. I promise I’ll share one on ‘WordPress’ when I’m done.

9. Get out more, see more of the free things that my beautiful city has to offer. I used to go to parks, museums, festivals and so forth but haven’t done much of that as of late.

10. Learn to cook properly. I cook for myself and on occasion, would cook for the ex. My meals are scatty and nothing that I’d serve to anybody else. Nb, I bought a salt and pepper grinder today for only $15!

Happy New Year, everybody! xx


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