The End is the Beginning is the End

21 Dec

The end is nigh… The ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ song is appropriate.


Any sight of zombies?

Well that was anticlimactic. It’s 11.23pm over here in Aus.

I spent the end of 2000 in the most boring way possible. At home watching the festivities on television and without even party food. I haven’t ever had particularly memorable NYEs. There are times when I wish I’d done the sex drugs and rock n roll thing when I was younger like other normal teens just so I’d have interesting stories.

I read in a news article that people were doing confessions on ‘Twitter’ in preparation for the apocalypse.

I confess that whilst I own two copies of ‘The Portrait of the Artist as Young Man’, I still haven’t read it despite having them for five years. I confess that when I was 9, I got through a few pages of ‘The Hobbit’ before giving up as the made-up names was too confusing. I confess that to this day I haven’t read any of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ books nor have I seen any of the films. I confess that I started listening to ‘Radiohead’ because everyone else was and found their music boring and that it’s only in the past year have I really appreciated their music. ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ is beautiful. I confess that I don’t like ‘Midnight Symphony’ as I find it too dark. I confess that I still read children’s books. I confess that I shove things under the bed so that place looks clean.


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