This Charming Man

29 Nov

It’s was 38degrees earlier today and it’s still too stiflingly warm to write a deep and meaningful post. It’s going to storm tomorrow but still be frustratingly warm, the kind of weather you’re not sure how to dress for. Oh well, typical four seasons in one day.

I’m a big Morrissey fan. The guy was a lyrical poet and extremely influential but so few people my age have heard of him or ‘The Smiths’. ‘Everyday is Like Sunday’ is one of my favourite songs. There’s a Morrissey song for every experience, ‘How Soon is Now’ for those dark moments, the catchy ‘The First of the Gang to Die’ when you feel like dancing despite the morbid topic, ‘Let Me Kiss You’ for when you love someone who doesn’t love you back, ‘Suedehead’ for just because and ‘Moon River’ that is maudlin and heavy and very unlike Audrey Hepburn’s light and sweet version.

I’ve written 15 (this is number 16) posts so far and all the artists have been male, so uncool.

My girlfriends and I would talk about our ideal guy and I had a list of what I wanted. Yes, an actual list that I wrote down on the train. From memory:

1. He had to be taller than me when I wore heels. I’m 5’7” so it was a must.

2. He had to be handsome. People say looks fade in the long run but, at least you’d have twenty years of them still goodlooking. Personalities also change in the long run and there must be some attraction. Hey, I still in my teens at the time.

3. He had to have gone to uni. Nothing against those who didn’t go onto further study post highschool but it’s what I wanted.

4. He had to have a decent job or at the least potential to have a good job. Ideally a doctor or lawyer as every parent wants their kid to date one.

5. He had to be my husband and be the father of my children. I’m still fairly traditional. I value loyalty, honesty and trustworthiness.

6.  He had to like books and music I did. I wanted to be able talk to him about the things that I liked.

7.  He had to have white skin. No racism there, it’s just what I’m attracted to. I also prefer brown hair over blonde.

8. He had to be a natty dresser. I’m not the world’s most polished and fashionable of girls but I didn’t want to date a scruff.

9. He had to be ‘pure’, not smoke, drink, do drugs, not swear and have had very few girlfriends. I’m a good girl.

10. He had to have a decent family who would accept me.

In summary, I wanted a metrosexual model who was educated and enjoyed reading. A beautiful nerd who was faithful and would marry me and we’d live the perfect life with 2.5 kids and a picket fence.

I’ll write about what my ex was actually like in my future posts.


3 Responses to “This Charming Man”

  1. Lottie Eve December 1, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    I made a list for my perfect boyfriend to 🙂 Mine was not as specific as your’s though.


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