Oxford Comma

24 Nov

I’ve read articles and blogs bemoaning the death of the semi-colon. It’s got a funny name but is so seldom used that some are calling for its removal. The oxford comma is used even less than the semi-colon. At least the oxford comma was immortalised in a song by ‘Vampire Weekend’ The ultimate hipster band and one of the few modern bands that I really like. ‘Contra’ is one of the few albums that I have listened to in its entirety. Who gives a f*** about an oxford comma indeed.

I vote for the death of a few words and I am not alone in my hatred, see this list . Swear words and racial epithets aren’t included. And I’m not going to put down the slang that we Gen Y-ers use. Man, this will be like, totally epic.

Moist: Universally hated by all women, could there be a more disgusting word. There are ‘Facebook’ pages campainging for its removal. I knew I wasn’t the only one who found it icky. It brings up connotations of chocolate cakes or female body parts. I shudder when the weather man uses it

Panties: I thought it was a cute word when I was a kid, very American, but as I’ve grown older it sounds so wrong. So childishly cute in a skeevy way. I agree with the Huffington Post, it sounds like a word that a paedophile would use.

Grotesque: I don’t mind words that have bad meanings but sound bad. It sounds ‘slimy’ somehow. It didn’t help that I read a book with that name which is an exceptionally dark book about prostitutes, paedophiles and private school girls by Natsuo Kirino.

Banal: I like the word but it’s one of those words that people avoid saying as they’re unsure of how to pronounce it. Making it rhyme with ‘canal’ is a safe option.

Pimple: I wasn’t acne prone during my adolescence and it was only when I started working fulltime that I got a few of them. It just sounds icky, maybe because it has the word ‘pimp’ in it. I use the American word ‘zit’ instead.

Flesh: It makes my skin crawl, something so animalistic about it. It reminds me of Shylock (whom I actually feel sorry for, he’s got a bad rep) wanting to hack off Antonio’s flesh.

Squat: I hate doing them in exercise but they bring up inelegant connotations of going to the loo.

Belly: It rhymes with ‘jelly’. I use ‘tummy’ as it sounds cuter.

Bulbous: It sounds so fleshy, like a tumour filled with pus. Or a technical term for a scrotum.

What are your most hated words?


2 Responses to “Oxford Comma”

  1. Lottie Eve November 24, 2012 at 7:45 pm #

    I never thought of the word moist that way. I agree with you on the word bulbous and the word squat. My most hated word is the word swollen. I hate the sound of it -.-

  2. Ad-libb3d November 26, 2012 at 5:44 pm #

    I am less against individual words than I am specific types of writing, especially what people deem “professional.”

    I work in the legal profession and can’t stand the “Please find enclosed the aforementioned” and “you may contact the writer for same” and that sort of nonsense. Drives me batty.

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