Mink Schmink

21 Nov

Eartha Kitt, what a woman. She growls, she purrs, she drawls and her voice is sultry and confident. Her voice is smoky bars and seduction. She somehow made couple of Christmas songs dirty but playfully so. Santa wouldn’t stand a chance. I don’t know about her as an actress but it seems like she had a decent career.

‘Mink Schmink, Money Schmoney
Think your hot now don’t ya honey.
What have you got if you haven’t got love’.

Well for me, I’ll always have nice pens.

I am a stationery addict and have been since I was young. Back in primary school it was Faber Castell connector pens, Xoom crayons, Lisa Frank paper. The rich kids had Derwent pencils.  In highschool,  novelty Asian stationery was all the rage. I was an odd teen who would ask to see the pencil cases of others as theirs held such interesting things,. ‘Hello Kitty’ and her friends on pens that had lil dangling things off the ends. Pencil cases with mirrors in them and a cartoon character. And expensive for highschool some had $15 pens, $40 pencil cases. I competed of course, my pencil case was tin with a French quote on it and my pens were ‘inky’.

I don’t use standard ballpoints as a rule and instead use ‘inky’ pens, felt tipped, gel or rollerball. I have scrawly, slightly old fashioned writing that looks rather pleasing with ‘inky’ pens but terrible with cheap ballpoints. Whenever I need to write a form in public, I eschew the nasty supplied pens and use my own.

I turned into a stationery snob when I got to uni. My friends mainly used the Bic four colour pens. But one had a fountain pen, ink bottle and all. I started pens and mechanical pencils from opshops and on occasion, from specialty pen stores. Oh what a different world specialty pens are. And the brands I collected. Faber Castell, Shaeffer, Parker, Cross. Never a Mont Blanc but someday.

And the paper in the those stores. Heavy, good quality parchment. Colours, patterns. And the  leather desk accessories. Bliss. All obscenely priced, all very nice.

I no longer use whatever diary happens to be popular. I am a ‘Filofax’ girl.  I had tried the ‘Moleskine’ system and though the paper is excellent, it’s fantastic for jotting thoughts but no, not as a diary. I love the binder system and the fact that I can customise my diary. I’ve read forums comparing the two brands. Oh it’s a heated debate. ‘Moleskine’ is popular amongst the hipsters, the artists. ‘Filofax’ is for the corporate and other creatives. And I write with cheaper Pilot, Artline or Uniball pens, whichever is handy.

There’s something so old-school about a sleek silver pen and a leather diary. Heck, writing is considered old fashioned. But then again, I still send Christmas cards.

For me, writing was important. Less now unfortunately, I’ve turned to my laptop to write and my notebooks were sorely neglected. A writer who still uses paper and pens needs to use the finest quality stationery they can afford. Your words come from your soul and mind, why spill those thoughts on cheap paper. Why write your signature using a cheap pen, your name should get the best. An artist uses the best paints they can find, a builder the best hammer and so forth. Your magnum opus shouldn’t be on supermarket paper. What do you write with and on?


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