Don’t Worry Baby

15 Nov

I was a 90s kid who grew up with music on records. The parents thought cds and cd players were an overpriced extravagance so we didn’t get one til my late teens. We had maybe twenty cds that were mainly bargain basement instrumental Muzak. I remember that one had, oh the awfulness, pan flute covers.  Anyway, I’m a fan of the dreamy music of ‘The Beach Boys’.

I’ve been following the tragic story of the Krim family whose nanny brutally murdered their children. I used to nanny when I was at uni and so sometimes read fluff about celebrity nannies, new york nannies, etc. So coincidentally, the Krim murders had just happened when I was googling. It was beyond horrifying. This nanny had brutally stabbed two innocent children in the family’s Park Avenue home. It had the makings of a Hollywood thriller or ‘Law and Order’ episode. The attractive, wealthy family who had it all and the nanny who resented them.

The story becomes more tragic when one reads entries in Marina Krim’s blog. Some cruel commentators have dismissed her as being a shallow rich bitch who would rather do lunches or get her nails done whilst leaving her kids to the ‘help’ to raise. Marina’s blog is heartbreaking because she writes about her love for her kids and the outings she had with them. There’s a cheeriness and innocence in them that makes easy to relate to. She is every mother, despite the money. She talks about the nanny ‘Josie’ with affection and about the trip the family took to the Domenican Republic to see ‘Josie’s’ family. Looking at the pictures and reading the happy blog, I felt sick that the happy family life was about to be destroyed.

It was gruesome. The nanny had stabbed Leo whilst he was sleeping. Lucia had tried to defend herself about the knife. How could she have won. This crazed animal was attacking her and she had no hope, she was only a little girl. Then Marina Krim came home with Nessie and the nanny stabbed herself.

I can’t fathom it. Children are such pure creatures. I fell in love with every kid I was taking care of, despite not always liking the parents. I breathed in their baby skin and then fell asleep on me. I was their protector for a short while and would have done anything for them. In fact, I used to fantasise that if the parents for some reason weren’t able to take care of them, I’d adopt them. In a totally non psychotic way of course. Stories about children are always hard to take.

One interesting part of the Krim story is the divided opinion of the Krim family. It’s disgusting but some feel that the parents are to blame for the nanny’s psychosis. One could have empathised with the nanny, Yoselyn Ortega had she not killed anybody. We all experience money troubles and we all work for managers who earn significantly more and we don’t always love our bosses. I was referred to as ‘the babysitter’ in my younger days and was taken advantage of by a wealthy Toorak mother who didn’t work. Humiliating, yes, but I would never have harmed anyone. Ortega was struggling financially so the Krims offered to give a her a few hours of cleaning a week to do for extra cash. Some see that as a strike against the Krims as Ortega was employed as nanny, not a housekeeper. They believe that Ortega should have been paid more. Hmm, money is money and a bit of extra cleaning is sometimes easier than taking care of kids. Yet Ortega felt that it was beneath her. Another ‘justification’ for her gruesome act was Marina Krim being dismissive of her by not saying goodbye. And it turned out later that the Krims had suggested that she find employment elsewhere as her work was not up to standard and even recommended her to another family.

Hmm. Reasonable excuses for brutally murdering two children, methinks. Having to do a bit of cleaning for extra money a job which your employers have kindly created for you as you needed extra money. A spat with the boss whom you have had a good relationship for two years with! Who took you on a holiday to see your own family! And your own money problems are of course the fault of your well-off employers!

She wasn’t abused, she was paid a decent wage, she worked in good surroundings, she had a couple of seemingly trouble free kids to take of and the Krims considered her part of the family. Yet somehow, she has become a martyr for the overworked people on minimum wage with horrible wealthy bosses because of those terrible, terrible conditions. Yes, $18 an hour which is the going rate for nannies in New York is not enough. Heaven forbid that a nanny should be asked to do a bit of housework. If one does not want their children to be murdered, one must pay super high wages, regardless of how well the nanny performs. I find the attitudes of people who think this way as sickening as Ortega’s actions. How can some members of Western societies actually believe that the nanny could be justified by killing the kids. Thank goodness that it isn’t the majority opinion, I wouldn’t want to live on this planet if it weren’t the case.


3 Responses to “Don’t Worry Baby”

  1. vyvacious November 16, 2012 at 2:05 am #

    Wow, that truly is sickening. I can’t believe some people would actually side with the nanny. Some people sure have a twisted way of thinking.

    • philofelinist November 16, 2012 at 4:15 am #

      Second commenter! Oh boy!
      Yes, I couldn’t believe some of the comments I was reading on news sites and I just had to write about it. A bit of a disjointed entry but you get the gist of it.

      • vyvacious November 16, 2012 at 10:20 pm #

        Ooh yay! Do I win a prize?! 😛

        I completely get the gist of it and it’s truly heartbreaking.

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