Total Eclipse of the Heart

13 Nov

Okay, a much more ‘lighter’ entry that’s about ‘darkness’.

The title song of this entry was written by Jim Steinman and Bonnie Tyler. Steinman is well known for his collaborations with Meatloaf whose music I find dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. Steinman’s song is typically as over the top as an 80s hairstyle. Tyler’s husky voice is perfect for this power ballad. I love it, it’s awfully cheesy, overwroughtwith its crescendos and the laments that would be pathetic if not for her scratchy voice. It’s a great song to sing a long to. Wring your hands, run up and belt out your heartbreak with pride.

This song was chosen as it had the word ‘eclipse’ in it (of course there’s always a dreaded ‘Twilight’ reference but I digress). And Australia is going to experience its first total solar eclipse since 2002. The next is expected in 2028. ‘For three hours this morning the sun, moon and our planet align to create one of the most spectacular sights on Earth’ (ref. a Daily Telegraph article). A syzygy. Thousands of people, locals and tourists alike have come together to witness one of nature’s marvels. It’s beautiful. We live in a technologically dependent world, attached to our smartphones, tablets and other gizmos yet are still in wonder about the world around us.

I, as well as so many others have always been interested in astronomy. Well, at least I have a passing interest in it and as a child, astronomers were on my ‘to date list’. Eclipses, comets, stars and other heavenly bodies and events are magical and awe-inspiring. They hold a religious and spiritual significance somehow, whether or not one believes in that sort of thing. The sky is big, bigger than we are, bigger than our planet. Our planet is huge and it is all we know yet the universe is bigger. We want to uncover the mysteries of the universe and we watch as the skies put on a show for us. It’s amazing.


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