Don’t Panic

13 Nov

As a couple of my friends are at the ‘Coldplay’ concert tonight, I’m putting my favourite song from them as the title. ‘Coldplay’ are one of those bands that are a bit like ‘U2’, a bit too white and upper-middleclass to be truly ‘cool’. They’re the kind of band that if you listen to them in one sitting then you think they’re the bees knees but if you haven’t listen to them in a while, think that they’re absolute twats and boring.

It’s rather morbid but I was thinking about death on the tram today. Death isn’t something that I think about often so don’t cart me off to the funny farm! We humans are born with the innate sense to ‘not die’. The world is full of hazards and just about anything and everything could prove to be fatal. We’re such fragile beings and it’s so simple for us to die yet we ‘don’t’. We know that our life is precious and somehow sense danger. We settle into routine to make us feel safe and we learn to avoid dangerous situations. A child tests their mortality by eating things they shouldn’t. A teenager drives too fast to make themselves feel alive. The young generally die from their own innocence or curiosity. Humans are so fragile yet resilient and that is the thing that makes us human. Death is about fate, it isn’t something that can be controlled, it doesn’t strike in a logical manner and the finality of it is horrifying. Preserve it for as long as you can as good human life is precious.


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