Champion Sound

12 Nov

I don’t listen to the Top 40 anymore. Whenever I listen to a banal song on the radio, I actually cringe. Just when I think that modern music has reached its nadir, somehow a song even more inane becomes popular. Popular music seems to be all about clubbing and any lovesong sounds like the lament of a teenage boy (that is, not particularly romantic). I don’t bother listening to commercial radio anymore.

Now I quite like the music off the show ‘Gossip Girl’. They play popular songs may not be future classics but are nevertheless quite enjoyable. One of these songs is ‘Champion Sound’. It’s dreamy, alternative and an instant anthem.

My favourite character off ‘Gossip Girl’ is undoubtedly Blair. She’s brilliant and beautiful. I admire her, not just for her fabulous wardrobe and amazing style but for her character. She’s conniving and manipulative but she has a plan. She’s fascinating and she’s confident, knows what she wants and gets it. A modern feminist. I can’t relate to the goddess Serena who is spoiled and gets everything because of her looks. Blair would make a great CEO.

I wish I had Blair’s self assurance. She makes no apologies for what she is, is a natural leader and is appropriately dismissive of insignificant people like Vanessa and Jenny. She isn’t necessary likeable but most girls would love to be her. She’s passionate and loyal to her friends. I love ‘Gossip Girl’ though it went downhill after the ridiculous Prince Louis plot.


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