Brown Eyed Girl

11 Nov

Hello World!

So I’ve been wanting to make a blog for a while and have regretted not writing my thoughts down. Writing is therapeutic and I am interested in seeing what comes out. I spend a lot of time reading posts on ‘Apartment Therapy’ and various fashion blogs. Blogs are peculiar things and give a tantalising hint to somebody’s life. I find myself being fascinated by the mundane and trivial just because it’s in a blog. Reading about what a person has had for breakfast takes on a different meaning somehow, one has entered into the person’s life and shared the experience. I wonder if I’ll be fascinating, interesting, amusing, profound.

With my blog entries, I’ll be putting song title as my heading. I love music and my taste is quite eclectic. Now ‘electic’ is a bit overused but my music taste is truly diverse. Music joins people and it’s always lovely when I meet people who share my tastes. I have chosen ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ by Van Morrisson as it’s currently my ringtone and well, I have brown eyes.


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